There is a shortage of operational waste treatment facilities in Northamptonshire as identified in the adopted Northamptonshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan (July 2017).

Northamptonshire currently disposes of 170,000 tonnes of residual household waste outside the county, resulting in additional costs and unnecessary lorry miles. This is in addition to the considerable amount of commercial and industrial waste that is exported.

A significant portion of the fuel for the proposed facility comes from renewable organic material in waste, which if landfilled creates methane gas that is over 20 times worse than carbon dioxide in terms of climate change. Our facility recovers it in a clean way, using a proven process which is all safely regulated by the UK Environment Agency.

The consented facility has a planned maximum throughput of 260,000 tonnes per annum, although the actual throughput is expected to be lower.

The facility represents an investment of around £200 million in infrastructure that is desperately needed.

The project will provide over 200 construction jobs and then 25 long-term, permanent jobs directly at the plant, plus a considerable number of jobs ancillary to the plant operation.

This new centre will also bring significant additional business rates. Following recent changes in legislation a considerable portion of these rates stay with the Local Authority.

Shelton Road is part of the Willowbrook Industrial Estate with many businesses using considerable amounts of energy.

As a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant, Corby Limited will be able to provide local businesses with electricity cheaper than they would otherwise get from the National Grid, ensuring Corby remains competitive against other locations for further investment and job creation.

Modern energy recovery centres such as the approved plant are strictly monitored by the Environment Agency and comply with all applicable legislation including control of emissions.