Clean Power is investing £100 million into Corby with this project.

The proposed facility will be designed primarily to treat local waste arisings, which will reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill. In addition it will generate 15MW of base load, clean energy – that’s enough to serve the needs of almost half of Corby’s homes.

There will also be scope for local employment opportunities, as the project will provide between 150-200 construction jobs, as well as 15-20 long-term, full time jobs.

The facility will provide Corby with a local facility to manage waste derived renewable fuels and will also provide an opportunity to develop a renewable heat network for local businesses. It will be located on an industrial site that has already been allocated for waste management activities.

The modern technology proposed has been proven to be effective, clean and efficient. A number of these facilities are already operating in the UK and monitored by the Environment Agency. Many other facilities using similar technology are in operation in the EU and worldwide.

The gasification process

The diagram below demonstrates how the gasification process works.

The proposed Energy Recovery Centre will process c.150,000 tonnes per annum of refuse derived fuel using a technology called gasification.

Gasification is a process that converts waste into a gas (syngas) by reacting the material at high temperatures without combustion, with a controlled amount of oxygen. The syngas is then used to heat water to drive a steam turbine which then generates electricity.

The facility will treat predominantly pre-prepared fuels that have already been subject of a treatment process off-site to remove recyclates.

The facility will not treat food or hazardous waste.