Clean Power was granted planning permission in September 2016 to develop a modern, clean Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) at its site in Shelton Road, within the Willowbrook Industrial Estate, Corby.

Project background

The site, which had already been designated in the Local Plan for waste management activity, had previous planning consent to build an ERF, which was granted in 2014.

However, before commencing, Clean Power reviewed the project and decided there was a better technology that it could use at the site.

This technology required a change to the planning permission

What’s new?

The one key difference from the previous, approved scheme is that we have decided to use a more proven technology. Instead of using the gas produced from the waste in an engine to produce electricity, the new technology uses the gas to heat water to drive a steam turbine which then generates electricity.

To accommodate the new technology and the steam turbine the facility needs to be larger than originally planned, but still in keeping with the industrial nature of the site and surrounding land.