Corby Limited, the owners of the Shelton Road site, is seeking to deliver an energy recovery centre, which will treat local waste arisings and provide heat and power for the local community.

Site background

In September 2019 Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) approved a planning application to develop an energy recovery centre at Shelton Road, within the Willowbrook Industrial Estate.

The site had previous planning consent from 2016 for an energy recovery facility using a different technology (gasification). Since then, the financial landscape for gasification projects has changed: as a relatively new technology in the UK, with few existing plants, funders have been reviewing the performance of recently completed gasification projects before committing substantial funding to new ones. At the same time, government subsidies available to gasification projects have been removed.

While the financial landscape has changed, the urgent need for new residual waste treatment infrastructure in Northamptonshire has not. Therefore, the owner of the Shelton Road site, Corby Limited, decided to submit a revised planning application, using a proven combustion technology.

What’s new?

The new energy recovery centre will feature a local heat and private wire network to provide cheaper and more environmentally sustainable heat, cooling and electricity for local businesses and housing.

The facility comprises a proven, effective technology, with several similar plants operating across the UK and many more in environmentally forward thinking places like Scandinavia.

The plant will not be reliant on subsidies.

The key difference in the technology from the previously consented scheme is the use of additional oxygen in the energy recovery process.

The facility is designed to treat household and commercial waste. The plant will not treat hazardous or clinical waste.

The plant will generate 23MW of clean electricity - enough to meet the energy needs of most of Corby’s homes.

Due to the change in the technology and the intention to accommodate all of the proposal within a self-contained building, the height of the building will be increased along with the stack. The energy recovery centre will be contained within the original site.

The proposed plant will generate similar traffic movements to the consented scheme in the peak hours.